Jackson NH Surprise Winter Elopement

A surprise wedding elopement in Jackson, NH! That’s right! This birthday party “family photo shoot” turned wedding had everyone cheering.  The couple waited around the corner while I gathered the family outside for a fun winter “family photo” shoot (the couple held back to get their boots on) and then Justice of the Peace Barbara Theriault jumped out from behind the car! She said, “I’m not part of the birthday I’m not jumping out of the cake, but I am here as a Justice of the Peace and you are all invited to the wedding…” and the crowd went wild! All 9 of them 🙂 It was perfect! The kids even made a sign earlier in the day that said, “We finally did it!” and they were sworn to secrecy not to tell anyone what it said, and they didn’t! It truly was a surprise for all!  Fingerless gloves from Spruce Hurricane!

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