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Jackson NH Elopement Revealed

We can’t say enough good things about our experience with EVERYONE in Jackson. I’m sure we will make it a destination choice at least once a year. There is so much we didn’t get to do there, that we will have to make time to do it in the future. – Scott & Sonja

I got the text message… the word is out! I’m so excited that Sonja + Scott allowed me to share in their day (and their cake) it was just the two of them…. both in the Military, they had never been to Jackson. The staff at the Inn at Ellis River helped with details, and provided a wonderful sanctuary on the river for them to enjoy.

The ceremony was at Jackson Falls and they went to dinner at the Thompson House Eatery that night. We met the next day for photos and I felt so bad because Scott had an outfit all planned out and apparently there was a leaky Starbucks coffee cover that made a mess of his new button down shirt… so after the photo session they were heading back into town to purchase another. I hope the video and photos bring back great memories of your time here in Jackson.

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