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AMC Lodges: Great food, perfect setting!

One of the best kept secrets in the elopement business for those outdoorsy couples looking to save money and wed in the mountains is to stay and dine at the AMC’s Joe Dodge Lodge in Pinkham Notch, or the AMC Highland Lodge in Crawford Notch. Not only are they literally “in” the mountains, but the food is INCREDIBLE and the accommodations quite nice. You may not have rose petals draped over your sheets when you arrive back for the night, but chances are, if you are wedding on a mountain, you aren’t overly concerned with rose petals. If you are, check out the  amazing B+B’s and local inns in nearby Jackson Village.

The deck of the Joe Dodge Lodge
Love the snow melting off the roof in this shot!
Cindy and Chuck just down from Crystal Cascades.
I love looking off towards the mountains, square ledge trail in the distance.

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