Marriage Licenses in New Hampshire

This information has been summarized and is available in greater detail from the Town of Jackson Website.

First off, if you are planning a wedding in Jackson, know that you DO NOT have to get your marriage license here. You can get a license at any New Hampshire town office.

Obtaining a marriage license in Jackson, NH –


Marriage License Requirements in Jackson, NH during Covid-19

If Previously Married – Item A is needed

A. Original Divorce Decree (must be notarized or with raised seal)
B. Original Birth Certificates
C. Drivers Licenses
We will need something from each alpha letter above.
Please email the above proofs to: [email protected]
So we can verify the information in advance
Along with your phone # for us to reach you
D. Contact the Town Clerks Office 1 week before coming to the office to get a the template of the “Pink Form”
E. At your appointment at the Town Clerks Office you will need to complete the actual “Pink Form”
F. Bring a Check (payable to the: Town of Jackson) or Credit Card for $50
G. For a Certified Copied – First copy is $15 and each additional copy is $10.


Additional info:

• Blood Test – New Hampshire does not require a blood test

• Document Requirements –
1. Birth certificate required for each individual
2. Certified copy of a death certificate of former spouse, if applicable;
3. Certified copy of a final divorce decree, if applicable;
4. Certified copy of an annulment, if applicable.

• Residence Requirements – None – Couples wishing to be married in NH may complete application regardless of residence.


Solemnization – In NH marriage may be performed by :

  • A justice of the peace
  • A minister of the gospel in NH ordained according to the usage of his denomination, residing in NH, and is in regular standing with the denomination.
  • A minister within his parish, residing outside NH, but having a pastoral charge wholly or partly in NH
  • Jewish Rabbis who are citizens of the U.S. and resident in this state
  • Quakers
  • Deacon in the Roman Catholic Church ordained according to the usage of his denomination:
  • Clergymen who are not ordained and non-resident ministers or Jewish Rabbis, after being licensed by the Secretary of State. The application for the special license is on the NH Secretary of State Web site. Reference this web site for additional information and clarification on other persons permitted to perform marriages within the state.

Validity Period of the license – A license may be issued the same day of the application, provided all signatures and statutory requirements are met. The license is valid for 90 days from the date of filing.


Restrictions – Marriage is not permitted in NH between people who are related by blood as first cousins or in any more direct lineage.

For more information on contact the Town Clerk, 54 Main Street, Jackson, NH 03846 or call 603-383-4223 ext. 102

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