Winter Elopements Day vs. Night

Often times winter elopements are centered around the holiday season with glowy holiday lights and crackling fires. However, do you want all your wedding photos dancing with holiday ornaments and field stone fireplaces? If you do, you picked a great season to wed. If you don’t, you also picked a great season to wed.

Unlike a summer or fall wedding in New England where the sun doesn’t really set until after 7pm winter weddings can be limiting because of daylight constraints. If you don’t get married before 4pm, then all your photos will be taken with flash or external light sources because it will be pitch dark out. You may be restricted to only indoor photos if the venue or location you are at does not have good exterior lighting. If you like the romance and coziness of the season, this is great. You won’t even have to put a coat or boots on.

If you are an outdoorsy person or love to shop, consider this an excuse to by a new outfit. If you love swaddling in scarfs and fun p-coats, then daytime winter weddings can be fashionable and fun – OUTSIDE. Hopefully these few photo comparisons will help show how winter can be fun both day and night.

New coat for him, a cape and ear muffs for her.

A gorgeous knit sweater dress!

Night time by the fire.

If you can brave a few seconds outside, usually there are some fun twinkle lights to be found.

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