Affordable Elopements – Pricing, Dresses, and More!

“Your dress was only $35!”

I couldn’t believe it! I had to share Amy’s story with others who may be looking for affordable alternatives to a big wedding and all the related expenses that go along with it. I photographed Amy and Mike’s elopement a few weeks ago and in talking to them about their day I discovered they put together an amazing few days here in the White Mountains at an extremely affordable price tag…. but you don’t have to take my word for it…

“I found my dress on Craig’s List for $35. I did not try it on. There was a piece of material that was sown across the top and clearly had been added after the fact. I removed this piece and padded cups that were also sown in. The piece that I used for my halter strap was originally around the waist of the dress. The piece that is now on the dress around my waist was the shawl that came with it. I did have the dress cleaned however it was only $30 because by it not having a train or all that much detail it fell under the prom dress category.

For my veil I bought the tulle at Michael’s for $15. I am a headband girl so I went to Clair’s and bought a s fabric headband with flowers already on the side. I then used the loops on the end of the tulle and slipped the headband through. This way I could remove the veil at anytime and wear again. Which I did on my honeymoon.

My shoes were $10 and came from Debs. They were a size to big but I bought $4 inserts and not only did they fit but they were comfortable.

Mike bought his suit at Walmart and his shirt and tie came as a box set from Burlington Coat Factory. All together it cost a little over $100.

Our two night stay, flowers, cake, champagne, chocolates, rubber duckies, breakfast each morning and a dinner that evening cost us about $1000. Yes it was just us two but the money we saved allowed us to honeymoon in Jamaica for 5 days

My thought process was why spend money that we earned and worked for to pay for a wedding with people that we may never see again,  when we can use that money to enjoy our honeymoon which happens only once :)” – Amy

Thank you for sharing Amy and Mike – here’s to many more years and hopefully a few more visits to The White Mountains.
Elopement Ceremony: Jackson Falls
Elopement Accommodations: The Inn at Ellis River, photos taken on the grounds here after the wedding.
Flowers: Dutch Bloemen Winkel

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