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Where Should We Take Our Wedding Photos?

Wedding or Elopement photos can be taken anywhere. Just because you are staying at one Inn or B&B doesn’t mean we can’t get in the car and or hike onto a trail for some stunning imagery. For this elopement we had fun exploring local spots, all within about 5 minutes from the White Mountain Hotel where the ceremony was. I think what made my time with this couple so unique and inspiring is that we got to take photos in a very natural environment… a place special to them both, the hiking trails in the White Mountains. It allows the couple time to have fun but to be more relaxed because there is no stress. How can you be stressed when playing outside?  I hope this inspires others reading the blog to consider some fun outdoor alternate locations like Cathedral Ledge and Echo Lake. Groom Dave was well equipped, he even had a stick of After-Bite in his pack just in case 🙂

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